Differences between White hat and Black hat SEO

Differences between White hat and Black hat SEO

There are two types of website SEO optimization techniques – white hat SEO and black hat SEO. These are two different approaches to SEO optimization. What is the difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO optimization?


White SEO optimization is an ethical, ecological approach to website optimization, website improvement with the aim of achieving higher positions in search results and ensuring long-term results in SEO. White SEO optimization follows Google’s guidelines for creating and developing websites, and the website is constantly improved. The website is constantly being improved to make it more convenient for website visitors and to provide website visitors with added value and relevant content.

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Black hat SEO is the opposite approach to website SEO optimization, which aims to achieve the fastest possible results without following the guidelines of Google and other search services, regardless of whether the website visitor is comfortable using the website.

Black SEO is why Google is constantly developing its algorithms and making them smarter to make it increasingly difficult to use rogue SEO methods.

Black SEO can produce very fast results, but it is very likely that Google will penalize a website that uses black SEO optimization because it is against Google’s guidelines and misleads users. Google may penalize a website by excluding it completely from Google’s search results. Black SEO is short-term thinking.


  • Focus on website visitors;
  • The website is designed and developed primarily for website visitors, not search engines;
  • Website visitors are not misled;
  • White SEO optimization does not use tricks to deceive Google’s algorithms;
  • The website is created with unique and different content from other similar websites to make it interesting and useful for website visitors;


  • Inbound link schemes and website networks are being set up;
  • Website content is generated automatically, various resources are available on the
  • Internet that generate articles by entering a topic;
  • Hidden text and keywords are created (for example, text in the same color as the background);
  • Sections are created with keywords that are not relevant to the theme of the website, but which are popular to engage users on the website. However, the user will leave as soon as they realize that they have been deceived because they have not found what they are looking for. It is important for search engines to provide the user with relevant content for the search terms, so this type of SEO approach is not “liked” by Google and other search engines;
  • Websites are hacked and content with links to other websites is placed there;
  • Automated requests are sent to Google;
  • Placing links on websites with inappropriate content, etc.
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