7 free online image editing tools 2

7 free online image editing tools

There are often situations when you need to place an image on a website, but before that you need to edit or change the image a little. What if you don’t have Photoshop or any other program to do this, and you don’t have the skills to use graphic design programs. There are hundreds of tools available on the Internet, both paid and free, to edit images. In this article, I’ll look at some of the most popular platforms where you can edit images for free online.

As we know, placing unique images on a website can make your articles or sections more interesting and visible, and using unique images on a website can help SEO.


One of the most convenient platforms where you can sign up for free is Canva. On this portal, you can upload images and perform various manipulations, such as cropping an image, changing the color, creating image collages, adding text, and more.

canva photo editing tool

Photoshop express

Adobe Photoshop Express editoris a tool available for Android and iPhone mobile phones. With this program you can process images on your mobile phone for free. Of course, this version won’t have as much functionality as the full version of Photoshop. But you can do things like: crop images, resize images, remove red-eye, exposure and color correction, and a couple of photo filters.

Remove BG

Remove BG is a great free tool that allows you to remove background images. For example, if you have a JPG image with a background, but you need a PNG image with a transparent background, then on this website, Remove BG, you can delete the background image for a few seconds.

All you have to do is click Upload image and upload the image from your computer, the background will be removed instantly and you will be able to download your image without a background to your computer.

fona noņemšana attēliem bezmaksas online


Pixlr is a free online photo editing tool that you can use from a web browser without having to download it to your computer. It can be used from both the Desktop and Mobile versions.

This tool also allows you to remove the background image and save it in PNG format. As well as setting various filters for the image, as well as various templates are available, for example for Instagram.

Pixlr bezmaksas attēlu rediģēšanas rīks online

Compress JPEG

Another very useful tool is the Compress JPEG website, where you can compress images. Why is this necessary? Compressing images before placing them on a website will improve the speed of the website, which is important to ensure a good user experience on your website as well as a positive impact on SEO.

compressjpeg bezmaksas rīks attēlu saspiešanai


One more usefull free online tool for photo editing is LunaPic. With this tool, you can turn your photos into paintings or add various effects / filters to them. Found this great free tool when I needed to put a watercolor effect on multiple photos. And this tool did a great job.

lunapic free photo editing tool


PhotoFunia offers a wide range of filters, effects that you can apply to images or photos. This tool is very convenient, easy to understand and in a few seconds you can make the desired changes and save the edited image on your computer.

Vintage photo effect

Watercolor image effect

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