IT systems for education

Development of training and educational IT systems for educational institutions, companies and other organizations. Online training tools for remote training.

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Web development technologies

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    Individual and customized development of educational software that will allow your company or organization to achieve the set goals. Software for schools, courses, training companies and educational institutions. The DG WEB FACTORY development team will create such educational software, web solution or platform that will be convenient and understandable and will increase the efficiency of your employees at work. An IT system should be an assistant that makes everyday work easier, not a burden, and we understand that! That is why our IT systems and software will help to adjust and optimize the training processes in your organization, as well as make the teaching process more efficient and simpler. If you need a developer who will create the highest quality software for educational purposes, then we can help you! DG WEB FACTORY has extensive experience in the development of various web solutions and IT systems adapted to both web and mobile devices.

    IT solutions for the education sector

    Training platforms

    Online training platforms are not even the future, but already the present day of the education system. We provide the development of online training portals and platforms for both internal and external needs of companies and institutions. Let’s develop a training plan that will allow trainees to get the most out of the training process and will simplify the training process for instructors!

    Assignment and examination systems

    IT system for conducting, controlling, collecting and evaluating results of tests, exams, test papers, tests and other tests. Ability to collect statistics on test results and data analysis tools with visualizations in the system.

    Tutorial and instructional software

    Software for creating and displaying various instructions, video tutorials and other types of tutorials for students. Instructors can use this software to create tutorials that students can use during the training process.

    Simulation programs

    Simulation programs are one of the most effective and modern training tools. With simulation programs, various processes can be simulated as if they were happening in real time. It gives students the opportunity to practice in a virtual environment.

    IT solutions for people with special needs

    Education should be accessible to everyone who wants to learn, especially people with special needs. We can create a training system or platform that will be adapted for people with special needs.

    Training games

    DG WEB FACTORY can develop interactive games designed for training purposes. Together with your sponsors we can develop a concept and then we can develop the game.

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