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DG WEB FACTORY develops IT solutions that allow logistics and supply chain companies to use the latest technologies to more efficiently manage their fleet at any time, improve information flow and customer service, keeping up with the changing needs of the transport and logistics industry.

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    Development of customized IT systems and software for companies in the logistics industry. DG WEB FACTORY developers and designers can help automate your daily tasks, provide real-time updates, and streamline your company’s workflow processes. With IT tools for real-time tracking of shipments and deliveries, it is possible to increase safety, reduce fuel expenses, control working hours and increase driver productivity. We will be aware of the individual requirements of your company, develop and implement customized solutions that will serve to increase the productivity and efficiency of your company.

    • Logistics and Transportation Management – DG WEB FACTORY provides custom logistics app development on web and mobile platforms to enhance user engagement, display custom reports and interact with real-time data.
    • Order Management – Integration of AIS software including QuickBooks, Sage and SAP with ERP systems and smart business intelligence applications for small and medium-sized logistics companies.
    • Warehouse Management – Warehouse management systems that help logistics tracking software improve inventory management and improve transparency.
    • Supply Chain Solutions – We add autonomy and intelligence to applications by integrating IoT and AI for effective, efficient and agile logistics operations.
    • Delivery route optimizationa – Using historical route data and real-time numbers to calculate the delivery time of each shipment, artificial intelligence (AI) can optimize the routes of each delivery vehicle in real time.
    • Security systems for warehouses – CCTV cameras and sensors with the help of IoT to detect thefts or losses in the warehouse. IoT along with SMS alert systems sends real-time alerts to warehouse managers.
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