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DG WEB FACTORY provides professional WordPress website development services – from strategy and planning to development. 

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    Website based on WordPress

    WordPress is a great engine for creating efficient, SEO-friendly and cross-device responsive websites. DG WEB FACTORY provides WordPress website development services, from strategy and planning to development, implementation and maintenance of WordPress websites. We will create a fast, safe and convenient WordPress-based website for you! WordPress is an open source system and is available to everyone for free. With a website created just for you on the basis of WordPress, you will not have any subscription fees, as is the case with, for example, Mozello, Wix and similar platforms. Also, there will be no restrictions on adding any additional functionality, languages, sections and content to your site at any time. You only have to consider the costs of creating the page itself (which will be lower than, for example, creating a homepage from 0), hosting and maintenance fees for updating the system. In addition, after developing the website, we provide training to your employee on how to use the website administration panel to add new sections, products, images, videos or modify existing content. WordPress websites give you freedom in expanding the content, functionality and size of the website.

    Why choose WordPress?

    More than 60% market share

    More than 60% of websites across the Internet that have a content management system are built on the WordPress engine. WordPress is more popular today than ever before.

    Custom Websites development services

    Tailored just for you

    WordPress websites can be designed with plugins (modules) tailored to your business needs, which will provide unique functionality tailored to your site to successfully achieve your business goals. As well as develop design themes with unique designs. You can also choose one of the ready-made design templates, but we can also develop a unique design theme created just for you.

    Developing your webpage


    WordPress websites give you the freedom to expand the content, functionality and size of your website in any time. With Cloud hosting, we can ensure the long-term scalability and performance of a WordPress website.

    Finding out your needs


    Thanks to the large WordPress community around the world, there are many WordPress developers and support forums. Which is definitely an advantage for you and allows you to easily change and find another developer or maintainer at any time if you are dissatisfied with the existing maintainer or the existing maintainer has stopped working.

    Improvement and modification of existing websites services

    Low costs

    WordPress is an open source system and is available to anyone for free. With a WordPress-based website designed just for you, you won’t have any subscription fees like on Mozello, Wix and similar platforms. Also, there will be no restrictions at any time to add any additional functionality, languages, sections and content to your boots.

    User friendly CMS

    WordPress has become so popular with easy content management and thousands of available plugins and design themes that can add a variety of functionality to your website.

    WordPress Website Optimization

    For WordPress websites, it is very important to set the settings correctly and optimize the code so that the website works quickly, is convenient, easy to understand for visitors and can also be found in Google search results. DG WEB FACTORY provides both WordPress website performance optimization and SEO optimization services for businesses. To improve productivity, we also perform data migration from other platforms or databases, API integration and connection to various systems. With Cloud hosting, we can ensure the scalability and excellent performance of your WordPress website in the long term.

    WordPress Website Design

    DG WEB FACTORY employees can create a unique WordPress website design that exactly meets your wishes, needs and target audience. We will create a design that will be not only visually attractive, but also convenient for the users of your website. The website design will be adapted to different devices – desktop computers, mobile devices and tablets. If your company has a style book, we can create a design based on your style book. If your company does not have a style book, DG WEB FACTORY designers can create a style book for your company.

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