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Search like a pro: Google search tricks

Google Search has become an everyday tool for finding information for just about anyone who uses the Internet. In this article, I’ll describe examples of how to use google search engine more effectively.


google-site search indexed pages

By entering “site: + website name”, you can find out how many pages of a website are indexed by Google. This is often used by SEO professionals to research competitor websites. You can also see how many sections of your website have been indexed. But this is more used to study competitors. To get information about your website, it is better to use the Google Search console tool, because it will contain much more detailed information about the indexed pages of your website.

Search for the latest information

With Google Search, you can choose a specific time period, so you can find the latest published information on the topic you’re interested in.

latest information search google

News search

You can also search for news on Google by clicking on news:

news search google

Video search

To find videos from a variety of resources, you’ll need to select a video section in Google Search and enter a search phrase or keyword.

video search google

Image search

Like videos, you can search for images on Google Search by selecting the “Images” section.

image search google


Did you know that entering + – * and / in Google Search also allows you to perform calculations? You don’t even have to search for a calculator, but you can type numbers, multipliers, etc. directly in the search box. And Google will release the result of the calculation.

calculations google search

Operator OR

The capitalized OR operator allows you to enter multiple keywords at once and the search engine will return results that contain one or the other keyword.

or operator google search

Search for PDF files

By entering “filetype: pdf ” before the search file name, the search engine returns search results that will contain PDF files.

pdf files google search


By entering between numerical values …, it is possible to obtain results for a period of time or another numerical design range.

diapazona meklēšana google search

Use quotes in search

If you need to find search results that exactly match what you typed in the search engine, enter the search text in quotation marks.

direct google search exact match

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