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Website development company DG WEB FACTORY has been operating on the market for more than 10 years. Our experienced specialists will develop a functional, elegant and profitable website or web system for your company.

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Customer satisfaction comes first

By cooperating with the website development company DG WEB FACTORY, you will get a reliable, sustainable and safe cooperation partner that you can rely on. Customer satisfaction is our goal, so we have developed procedures and tools that ensure an easy-to-understand, easy-to-manage and transparent website development process.

Clearly understandable price policy

The website development company DG WEB FACTORY has a clear and understandable price policy, which we introduce at the beginning of cooperation. Depending on the service you choose, several payment models are available. Payment for web development works can be made by paying a certain amount, which is determined before the project is developed. Or you can pay based on the hourly rate after the project is completed.

Fast project turnaround time

One of the main benefits appreciated by independent clients of the website development company DG WEB FACTORY is the speed of work execution and quick response time. We understand that time is money in every business, therefore we ensure the fastest possible deadlines for project implementation, as well as very prompt support during website maintenance. Response time is our main difference and advantage compared to other market players.


Thanks to the long-term experience of the DG WEB FACTORY company in the development of websites and web systems, we have accumulated extensive knowledge and practice, which helps us to implement website development projects in the most effective way on a daily basis. By choosing DG WEB FACTORY for the development of your website, you will make sure that cooperation in the development of the website can be simple and understandable.

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