What we need from you before we start developing your website?

What we need from you before we start developing your website?

What we need from you before we start developing your website?

If you have decided that you want to get a new website and cooperate with us, before starting the programming works, we will discuss all the details of the planned website with you:

  • what is the purpose of the website
  • what sections will be on the website
  • how many and what languages ​​will be on the website
  • what will be the content of the sections of the website
  • to which sections of the website the ads will be directed
  • what is the target audience of the website
  • how visitors will be attracted to the website (SEO, ads, other)
  • what functionalities will be provided on the website, etc.

We can discuss the details of the planned website development project during an online meeting (Google meet or Zoom) or face-to-face meeting – these are the most effective and convenient ways to find out your needs. It also gives us the opportunity to interactively show you various examples of website solutions.

Once we have agreed on all the details required on the website, we create a description or technical specification. Starting from the specification, it is possible to determine the number of hours required for the implementation of the project, thus it is possible to calculate the price and set deadlines. The website will be developed based on this technical specification.

Domain and hosting

For a website to work, it needs a domain (website name) and hosting. You will need to purchase both of these before we start developing your website.

A domain is the name that you enter into a web browser’s address bar to access a website (for example, dgwebfactory.com is a domain). The domain name must be purchased for a fee. Domain names usually have an annual fee. Domain names can be purchased from domain registrars or hosting providers. Domain prices vary and depend on the domain extension you choose and where you purchase the domain (.eu, .com, .me e.t.c). Domain prices start from 10 euros.

Web pages consist of files, and these files must be hosted on a web server that is configured to host web pages. If you have a small website, you do not need your own web server, but you can use the services of hosting providers that rent space on their own web servers. By renting this space and website server, you are given the opportunity to place your website files. Prices for hosting services start from a few euros a month.
If you have a large website, you may need a virtual server, which you can also rent from hosting providers.
Before starting the project, we will recommend the most suitable hosting solution for your website development project.

Once you have purchased the hosting and domain, we will need access to the hosting so that we can place your website files there once it has been developed.

Website content

Before creating a website, we will need texts from you for all sections of the website. If the website is being redesigned and you want to keep the old texts, then you need to specify which texts to take from the old website.

We also need photos, videos, pdf files and other materials from you, which you want us to put on the website. If you have any.

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