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Engage an independent expert in evaluating your website to get an outside view of your website project and an objective evaluation of it.

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DG WEB FACTORY can provide you with assistance in website development projects by evaluating the quality of website development work. We will explain the state of your website in a language you understand and give suggestions for improvements. We will prepare recommendations for improvements in a “language that the developer can understand”. We can present recommendations to you or directly to the developer. We do not develop website evaluation and audit projects ourselves, as we act as an independent expert. By involving us in the evaluation of website development projects during the development process or in the evaluation of an already completed project, we provide consultations and create technical tasks. By engaging an independent expert, you can get an outside view of your website project and an objective assessment.

  • Evaluation of website usability (assessing whether the website is convenient for users, diagnosing problems and providing recommendations for improvements)
  • Evaluation of the website design (it is evaluated whether the design, colors, placement is consistent and appropriate for the specific field and company).
  • Website speed.
  • Website performance.
  • Technical evaluation of the website.
  • For WordPress websites – assessment of the current state (is there the latest system, plug-in and theme updates, problem diagnosis, is it checked whether the website is built based on best practices).

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