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The development of WooCommerce online stores is one of the main specialties of DG WEB FACTORY. We have several years of experience in creating, modifying, optimizing and maintaining WooCommerce online stores.

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We will create a fast, safe and convenient WooCommerce online store for you! WooCommerce is a powerful, customizable platform that continues to gain more and more market share worldwide thanks to its flexibility and user-friendly interface. DG WEB FACTORY’s team of experts are not only WooCommerce developers, but also your strategic business partners. DG WEB FACTORY provides customized, full-cycle e-commerce solutions. DG WEB FACTORY WooCommerce developers take the time to understand your customers, products and competition to create the most successful and enjoyable online shopping experience possible for your customers. We have improved and optimized several WooCommerce online stores with which customers have approached us. If the online store is slow, works with errors, it can be improved. Entrust WooCommerce optimization to DG WEB FACTORY’s professional team!

If you already have an online store, but you want to migrate it to WooCommerce, then we can help you. DG WEB FACTORY provides migration of online stores from various platforms to WooCommerce. We will migrate orders, customers, products, product categories, blog posts, images, galleries from your existing online store to WooCommerce. We can add and update information about your products such as name, description, price via CSV file which allows bulk import. Using this or any other similar method, it is possible to switch from another online store and transfer data.

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